7 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense

How Get AdSense Approval? We try to indicate some issue that really work

When I applied for AdSense with my blogger blog, I did not understand why they reject my application so many times. I just applied again and again but failed. Then I was shocked and decided to use AdSense alternative and started bidvertiser, chitika, bing etc… But after while think about AdSense I decided to buy a domain and do it yaah it was amarvoice. As I’m Bangladeshi I read more and more Bangla blog about AdSense approval. Then I understand how difficult to get approval AdSense for Bangladeshi but I never gave up hope and started blogging with new initiative. Start with www.amarvoice.net.  Create brand new email address with my own domain. Post on my blog with relevance topic with respect my blog name, description and keyword I selected before. Then I prepare my blog to apply for AdSense and apply oh. Thank GOD finally AdSense approved my request and I’m really happy to get AdSense approved. Many people have first class blog with killer content but they don’t get AdSense. Many people have low quality sites, Google very strict on approving new AdSense accounts to maintain its quality. So I will try to share some tips to get AdSense approval easily and without delay.

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I should believe you have a quality web site with top level domain like .com .net .org etc. but Google still disapproved you application. There may some reason why you are reading this post. It is really frustrating to getting disapproved by AdSense. After a while many of then decided to avoided or go away from AdSense, I think this is not good idea and I really here for you. Just be patient and stay with me. In this post I will share some tips on getting AdSense account approve. Most of the section of this post will be helpful for bloggers. I hope you’ll get approved by AdSense after reading this post.


7 Things to Do Before Applying for Google AdSense


Google never reveal any hints about what basis they approve new AdSense account. But you can do something that make your site look standard and look professional and with actual information about you and your site before applying Google AdSense. You can also follow these tips as Google AdSense approval checklist.

  • Create your website with top level domain

Get AdSense account with free sub-domain like weebly, blogspot, wordpress.com blog. Really those days are gone. Google still approve subdomain, but you have to make sure that your site has quality content, user friendly navigation with nice design etc. Now days, you must have your own domain that specify your blog. If you don’t have your own domain, please stop dreaming about getting AdSense approved with subdomain. Unfaithful truth, it is really tough to make sub domain compatible with AdSense standards. So go buy a top level domain (.com .net .org etc.).

  • Domain Age

It is really important factor about domain age. Because AdSense has restricted domain age many of the Asian Countries. They rarely accept websites before they are 6 months old. But one think if you have made a quality site and do better seo for your site then your site may accepted by AdSense

  • Create Email Address with your domain name

Apply for AdSense account with your domain email. It’s a trick and Google notice you early because you apply with premium email not free. Your domain email looks like [email protected]. And make sure about your email address visible in contact page areas.

  • Good Web design and Easy Navigation

Good Web design is important thing; you may have quality content on your site. But it does not make sure that AdSense approve your application. It represents your experience and professionalism. If anyone wants to make money from website or blog, then they should consider investing some money on site design. If you are a wordpress user you can buy Premium Themes. If you want low budget theme, you can grab a theme from MyThemeShop. Please make sure that your site looking professional don’t forget to create a logo for your site.

  • Publish fresh and unique content

This is the most serious part. You must have to create fresh, unique and quality contents before applying for AdSense. They don’t need huge contents, but quality contents. Some bloggers achieve AdSense with only 20-25 posts, while some does not get approval with more than hundred posts. So quality contents matter a lot. I can say something about quality contents…

Free from copyright thing, illegal downloads links, not copied from others, not spinning, avoid spelling mistake, user friendly and detailed

Your posts need to have above 500 words but 800 words are the best. So try to publish some quality content. Remember, Quality content is always king.

  •  Of course you have to remove other networks ads

 It is of course not a bad idea to try some AdSense alternatives particularly when you do not have an AdSense account yet. But before applying for AdSense you must have to remove those ads. Though Google AdSense allows you to use other Ads Network along with them, but it creates a bad impression to the AdSense team if your site is filled with other networks’ ads.

  • Create Some Important Pages

There are some pages that make sure better user experience. Google always focus on better user experience. Many bloggers don’t create those pages even they don’t know it. They apply for AdSense without those pages. Having these pages on your blog creates good impression to AdSense. So let’s make the following pages before applying for AdSense.

About – An about page has important role if you don’t want to apply for AdSense. Most of the visitors visit about page first time. When you apply for AdSense there is 0% chance to get AdSense without about page. Because they want to know who are you behind the blog? In about page you just describe about your blog and yourself.

Contact – Many visitors may have wished to contact you, but you don’t have contact page how they contact you. And many bloggers ignore this page. This page also proves you are caring about your readers and Google notice it.

Privacy Policy – According to AdSense terms of service, you must have privacy policy page. Many people apply for AdSense without having privacy policy page and they rejected by AdSense. Even though they have privacy policy page but they make mistake. Because if your privacy policy does not match with AdSense policy they never accept your application so try Simple Tactics to create privacy policy page

If above information are right in your site but AdSense did not approve your application yet. You also can create Disclaimer page, Terms and condition page then apply again. Keep posting quality content and do search engine optimization.


  1. says

    thank you for sharing, was wondering why i kept on being denied. please check out my blog maybe give me some advice on how to improve it.

  2. zararian says

    It is now hard to get accepted in the Google adsense program compared before.
    I have created a blog from blogspot before and automatically there is adsense. Bad thing is that it was being banned after several years. Anyways, trying to create a new blog with wordpress now what makes me interested in having an adsense account again. Thanks for this tips, might take time to follow all but I know it will be worth it.

  3. aramsey1980 says

    I love, love, LOVE this article. I have applied with adsense several times, only to be turned down. I had no idea that I needed a privacy policy. I love that you give links that help you write your privacy policy. I will be using all of these tips before I apply again. Thank you so much!

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