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Be ready to get your website first page of the google search resluts.

There are many tutorials about SEO on the web, but why I’m writing here from the beginning? Because of now, SEO are not like the previous. Trends has been changed, google update their all faults previously they have. They are smarter than before they only notice which visitor comes from search results. Every tutorial has basic rules of SEO, so we wanted to share entry level to Advanced level of SEO. Although basic rules are same, that’s why it is important to know about fundamental rules about SEO.

So let’s start

There are two types of search results google show to us:

  • Organic.

  • Paid.

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We try to learn here about organic search. Because it’s free and get paid search results if you spend money.


Firstly we should know about search engines, how they works?

Search engines works with two main components:

  • Crawler - It mainly collect information from many website by using spider, robot/bot. Here search engines follow the link, collect data and store it their server.
  • Algorithm – Here search engines analysis their collected information, and they give ranking by page content, relevancy and quality. Search Engine algorithm depends on many factor.

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What is SEO?

SEO - Search Engine Optimization. We can say more about SEO that, it’s a technique to get more and more visitor or traffic to a website from search engines ( google, bing, yahoo etc.). Actually if we get our website in first page of search results we can get number of visitor from search engine.

We can say about it more easily, if we try to download a song, then we firstly search that song line or name. Notice search result, when we press the search button, google show us some website list that we can find our song. Thus google show 10 website lists evry search results page. You may have a question in your mind, why some site show on their first page and why some site show on their back pages, does google do this by their will or there’s another reason? Surely something special there in first page sites, that don’t have another sites. Yes that special something is a strategy of seo,in which you can get your website in first page of search results. And first page means more visitors.

If you new at SEO, you can follow the Google Webmaster Guideline. If you follow the basic rules of seo, you don’t think more about seo. We create a website for visitors, what they want to know about if you present to them that make your 50% seo. And other 50% seo completed by search results.

A visitor search about their question or their problems or they want tomeettheirneeds. If you can answer their questions, solve their problems or give them information that they need by your website they you don’t have to think about it.


Generally Two Types of SEO

  • On Page Optimization and
  • Off Page Optimization

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On Page SEO: What you say about your website.

Off Page SEO: What people say about your website?


Use of SEO:

Suppose you have a website in 10th place of search results page which about baseball. You wanted to give that site to place 1 if anyone one search by using “Baseball Cards” this keyword, then you has to SEO for that site. In SEO people use popular search terms or keywords. Now if you want to take the upper hand in you Brand name by SEO and succeed, howeveritis notjustcalledseo. Because Search Engines are so smart now days, they can easily separate your company name and keyword. Andthe mainthing is that the competition for that keyword, it’s harder to rank on the keyword.


Before starting SEO you need to work with proper plan. Suppose you create a new website and in that subject have huge competitor already. Another one create a site with a subject that have only 1000 competitor, now you have to say which one is easier to you to compete with, in thousand or in million?

That’s why keyword research is very important to seo planning. If you don’t able to select proper keyword for your seo you can’t success. Because when people search for something SE use that search terms. If you know people,whatpeople aresearching then howdoyoumeettheirneeds? We must focus on organic search to SEO.

To Get your site first page of search results
Try smart SEO and get better visibility of your web site in search results.


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