Review of iOS 7

A Complete Review of Redesigned iOS 7 From Apple with software update for iPhone and iPad

Apple come again their interface iOS 7 with multitouch. A complete visual exit from previous version, it also focuses on clarity by evacuating all but the most fundamental elements and chrome, different of content of apps, and depth by building the full experience around a particle and physics engine that blurs, moves, parallax and virtual 3D layers. It touches every app, every bit of the system and pixel, it is so far from perfection, and there are disclosures as cursory as icons as deep as unity yet to be overcome, but along with new features like AirDrop and Control Center, and improvements of the Notification center, the camera and photo app, multitasking, Siri, Safari and much more. It is the most exiting OS , iOS 7.1 in the years, and to mobile interface since the genuine iPhone. But it is also facing most competive market ever and given the substitutes, will it6 be enough?

NB: Some of this element was originally published in our iOS preview but was incomplete and outdated due to apples non- disclosure agreement. It has been fully updated our full on iOS 7 reviews.

Way to install iOS 7.1 by using Software Update

iOS 7.1 is here and the smartest, quickest and easiest way to up to date on device and by the air ( OTA) using the Software Update built in Setting. You just need to be Wi-Fi on or High Speed data connection, be plugged in or have more than 60% of your battery life remaining. You need enough space or storage on your device to update download full software. If all those things are ok, you will be up and running the new version of iOS as fast as your internet connection has. If you have any problem to update you iOS or try to update by another way ok then just try update to iOS 7.1 using iTunes.

reviews of iOS 7


Easy way to update to iOS 7.1 OTA

First:  Go to setting from the home screen of your iPad or iPhone.

Second: Tap on General.

Third: Top of the menu, tap on Software Update.

Fourth: Your iPhone or iPad should now check for new version of software and now available iOS 7.1.

Fifth: Click on the Download installs option. I’m telling you again you need high speed internet connection with Wi-Fi to download the update.

Six: You have to wait for your iPhone /iPad download iOS7. This may take some time but it depends on your internet speed.

Seven: Tap on install to begin the installation process.


Call Blocking on iOS 7


After the install process finished your iPhone or iPad must need to reboot and then you will have to sign back in, congratulation now iOS 7.1 is yours!!!!!


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